Currency defaults to USD before App Store login

  • 10 December 2021
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I have setup a RevenueCat and before making any purchase attempt, the price shown is in USD. Once I press buy, I am prompted to login to my apple account and after the login, the correct currency is selected. In the app the currency updates after I close and reopen the app.


Is there a possibility to change the default currency to EUR from USD? My app is not even available in any country that uses USD as legal tender so it is confusing to my users.


I have so far only tested in Testflight on two devices. 


Best answer by sundeep 11 December 2021, 02:12

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2 replies

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Hi @yonom, I’m not sure there’s a way for you to change the default currency presented before login. This is because that currency is associated with the store account and the default is otherwise USD. If you’re not logged in when the app launches, we’ll fetch the products using the default currency and we’ll cache the results, so even after logging in to the sandbox account with the correct locale, you’ll still see the prices in USD. However this isn’t something that you’d expect to be an issue in production, because users don’t often switch between accounts with different store locales. 

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@sundeep  Hello , I have the same problem , me an my team we are in France,  but the price are display in USD with IOS , Google no problems , any ideas ?