Confusion regarding iOS Subscription Groups

  • 19 January 2024
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I have 4 tiers: NoAds, Pro, Pro+ and Platinum. Each tier has monthly and annual.

As I understand, on AppStore I have to create one subscription group. So there will be 4 service levels and 8 products in total which will be put in descending order.


Question: If a user uses the introductory offer for NoAds but I want to offer them introductory offer when Pro launches, how do I offer it to them as only one intro offer per group is allowed. I can’t move NoAds and Pro (and others) in separate groups because NoAds is a subset of Pro and hence at one time only 1 tier can be active. This is pretty straight forward in Android as every tier can have its own intro offer but Apple is tricky.


How do I manage it?

3 replies

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Hi! I think that you are right that it is best to structure all of your tiers into one subscription group. There is not a way to get around only being able to apply a single introductory offer, but a workaround that I can suggest is making a promotional offer (which can be used with existing subscriptions) that is applied if you check the eligibility of the user and see that they are ineligible. The options for the function of a promotional offer (ex. the offer as a free trial) are the same as the ones allowed for introductory offers, so you should be able to mirror the effect of the introductory offer that you have easily in the promotional offer. 

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@wes_clark thanks, how do I show a promotional offer on the revenuecatui paywall, as I am implementing everything with paywalls