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  • 10 April 2023
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In The Case of a Change/ Changes in Custom UserID,

what happens to the Older userID(s)?

does the older custom user ID still old subscription privilege ? 

I am trying to cap the number of devices that can be signed in with a subscription with My logic, 


in the case where a user intentionally try to outsmart the system by signing in the same email they used in purchasing a subscription to many device in pursuance of premium access for multiple devices with a different Sign In with Apple or google sign in, my Logic create a new custom User ID for the original subscription account ,each an every time its been used with a new Auth, with the hope that each and every previous custom userID would be redundant , hence limiting number of account that is allowed for one subscription account .


So please, tell me what will happen to the previous custom IDs that were created before the the account was assigned a new one .. thanks  




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Hey @Notorious Dev 👋

When using the Transfer restore behavior, user purchases will be transferred between IDs instead of unlocking entitlements for multiple users. As soon as one user restores purchases, the previous user that had access will lose access, and the new user will gain access.

You can read more about restore behavior here:

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Thanks Cody. It’s about time i present my project to the world.