Cannot locate Apple Purchases

  • 15 February 2024
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My company works with RevenueCat for Google and Apple payments, and while I can find Google Payments inside RevenueCat with some specific info (GPA number, for example), I cannot do so with Apple Payments. Usually, customers send us the receipt for the purchase, but we always send them to Apple to locate their account, causing the users to be very frustrated about our support.


Is there a way to locate those purchases, and if so, how to do it? What info is necessary?



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4 replies

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You could search for the customer in RC if you have the Apple Order ID (should be in the purchase confirmation email). Instructions:


Is that working for you? If not, can you open a support ticket with your app information and a couple Order IDs so we can investigate further?


Hi, Ryan!


Apparently, we had to do something on our side to configure the keys that allowed us to search for Order IDs.


One question, though - is there a time limit for searches? Can we search for orders that were made a year ago, for example?

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If that user has been seen in RevenueCat then you can search for them without a time limit


I tried searching for a user who paid through Apple (RevenueCat) on April 2023 and couldn't find it.