Can't find Issuer ID on App Store Connect for implementing iOS Offer Codes

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I am currently trying to implement Offer Codes in my application. I read here that in order for Offer Codes to work with RevenueCat, I would need to upload an In-App Purchase Key. I followed the steps to create and download an In-App Purchase Key, but when uploading it, RevenueCat needs an Issuer ID. The documentation here states that the Issuer ID can be found by going to Users and Access->Keys->App Store Connect API. I did that and requested to access the App Store Connect API (as instructed in the RC documentation) but after doing so, I still can’t see an Issuer ID (see image attached). Where can this be found? It seems that App Store Connect has maybe changed some things. Do I have to create an App Store Connect API as well as the In-App Purchase Key? If so, will this App Store Connect API Key only be used for RevenueCat? And, if I do need to create an App Store Connect API Key, what level of access should I give it (see image) ? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hey @Jace!

You’ll need to generate an App Store Connect API key to see the Issuer ID - you’re safe to choose any level of access for the key, but RevenueCat won’t be using the key itself, we just need the Issuer ID. I just tested this by generating a key with access to only Sales and Reports and got the Issuer ID to appear.

Give that a shot and let me know if you get things working!

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This didn’t work for me. I had to set the Access level to App Manager (as mentioned somewhere in RevenueCat’s online docs).


Note that RevenueCat’s online docs are outdated in terms of the Apple App Store Connect UI. Many things/steps are different now than how they are shown in the docs. It is misleading and unnecessarily confusing this way. Your documentation team should update the text and screenshots accordingly.