Can I grant all app users free entitlement for 1 month?

  • 20 August 2023
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I am wondering whether it’s possible to grant all users of my app a Premium entitlement for 1 month, lets say for the entire September. 

I want all existing and new users to receive this entitlement as long as it is still September. Currently my app has launched and there are already a few active subscriptions, the free 1 month premium would not really affect these users since most of them are already on trial but if they were to cancel for whatever reason, they should still have Premium for remainder of September.

An alternative to this would be that new users would get 1 month entitlement from the day they download the app, however I don’t know how this would work for existing users.

I also want to easily be able to apply the entitlement to all app users at once if possible and new users should also continue to get it.

What is the best way to go about this?


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Hey @DanielR,

Promotional entitlements sound like they’ll fit the bill, as they are independent of existing store trials or subscriptions - as you said, if a user cancels their trial, they’ll still have their premium entitlement.

There’s no great way to do this in bulk, but you could potentially write a script to iterate through existing customers and grant them a premium entitlement using our API endpoint:

For new customers, you could set something up programmatically using the endpoint, or use the dashboard to manually grant entitlements.