Best way to implement promo discounts?


I wonder what would be the best and easiest way to implement a discount on RevenueCat and iOS:

Currently I have a yearly subscription with a 1-week free trial. And I have a bunch of users, new ones and churned, that I want to target. I would like to run a promo within the app and offer them -50% on their first year.

Should I create a Custom Offer Code, like "SALE50" and redirect them to App Store to redeem it?
Or should I create a new subscription with an Introductory offer (for new users). And add Promotional offer to existing subscription (for churned users)?


Which solution would be easier to code / implement / maintain from RevenueCat's perspective? (I read that the current Offer Code's implementation in the App Store can be buggy)
Thanks in advance!

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Can’t edit the original post, but I want to clarify that in the second option I would, of course, check in code if the user is eligible for Introductory offer, if not—show them Promotional offer.

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I’d suggest using Offer Codes. They’re the only option (that we recommend) that are for both new and existing users. The in-app redemption sheet can be buggy, but redirecting to the app store works fine.

That way you only need to worry about a single offer code and not two.