Best practices for handling non-subscription transactions and refunds

  • 22 November 2021
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I have one consumable product in my iOS app that doesn’t link to any entitlements as recommended in the docs:

If you have non-subscription products, you may or may not want to add them to entitlements depending on your use case. If the product is non-consumable (e.g. lifetime access to "pro" features), you likely want to attach it to an entitlement. However, if it is consumable (e.g. purchase more lives in a game) you likely do not want to add them to an entitlement.

Right now I’m using the transaction history to keep track of the purchases and unlock in-app content accordingly. Not sure what’s the best approach for this to correctly handle refunds. 


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Hi @Anh


There are webhook events for refunds which include non-subscription IAP (note for Google you need to grant the refund through RevenueCat to be detected). When you receive this webhook event you can handle access on your end.