AppStore Rejection - Subscribe button unresponsive

  • 24 September 2022
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So we’ve been dealing with this issue being sent to us by the reviewer.


We continue to find that your in-app purchase products exhibited one or more bugs when reviewed on iPad running iOS 15.7 on Wi-Fi.


Specifically, the Subscribe button was unresponsive when tapped and we were unable to verify the purchasing process for your in app purchase items.


Next Steps


When validating receipts on your server, your server needs to be able to handle a production-signed app getting its receipts from Apple’s test environment. The recommended approach is for your production server to always validate receipts against the production App Store first. If validation fails with the error code "Sandbox receipt used in production," you should validate against the test environment instead.


This is our first time releasing to app store. Should we ask the reviewer his/her appleID and add it as one of Sandbox testers?

We appreciate all of your feedbacks.


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9 replies

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Hello, although I do not have an answer for you, I have been having a very similar issue myself, accept that when subscribing to an offering, the tester will get an error alert stating an unknown error occurred.

They have suggested the exact same to me in the next steps. I’ve tried to communicate this issue with RevenueCat but they have not been very helpful, so I am going to create another post about my issue. I will keep you in the loop  

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You can’t ask Apple their ID.  Have you had your key correct and you are able to purchase on your simulator?  Do you have the latest RC SDK?  
Put some sample code on how you init RC and how you call the purchase. 

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I have now implemented the auto-renewable subscriptions myself directly with the StoreKit framework apple provides after going through their documentation and doing some research. I will no longer be wasting any more of my time with RevneueCat. It’s delicate and seems like it would not be reliable, especially when taking into account scalability factors for the application I am working on.

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Wow, you did the whole thing yourself! Hats off to you.

I have no affiliation with RC but I do like their SDK, I got rejected from Apple but it was like 2 times in 5 years and I update my apps almost monthly.  I also think it is on Apple side, so you might face the same shitty rejection regardless. 
Good luck. 

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@Dubs If you would like some help with setting up purchases / subscriptions manually using apple’s StoreKit framework, PM me, I’ll be happy to send you some code snippets of how I’ve implemented my auto-renewable subscriptions.  

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@imougy thank you, I appreciate the advice and the heads up 😀

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Unfortunately, Apple’s reviewers use a very unstable environment for App Review, which can cause issues when the reviewer tests in-app purchases. We hear about thousands of App rejections, and it's really a matter of luck / randomness. This is extremely frustrating for app developers, but there is not a lot we can do. 


My suggestion would be to bump up the build number and re-submit the app. It should eventually work for the reviewer, and get your app approved.

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Providing a video showing your in-purchase flow working can also help: 


FYI: we’re seeing that you will never get through your _first_ submission with subscriptions.  We tried for over a month with help from RC, Apple, everyone.  It just wouldn’t happen.

We released a version 1.0 w/o subscriptions into the store and later added subscriptions in a 1.1 (the exact same code that was rejected for months) and it got approved after 1 round of text tweaks.  Seems like the rate for approval is 0% for your first release, then ~50% after that.