An Apple Sandbox subscription purchase gives back an entitlement that expired a week ago on a new account.

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When I make a purchase from the SDK, my backend calls a method to validate the purchase with the subscribers api.

The response returned has a body like this:
    "request_date": "2022-06-21T11:55:20Z",
    "request_date_ms": 1655812520624,
    "subscriber": {
        "entitlements": {
            "active": {
                "expires_date": "2022-06-14T06:23:52Z",
                "grace_period_expires_date": null,
                "product_identifier": "onemonthusd899",
                "purchase_date": "2022-06-14T06:18:52Z"
        "first_seen": "2022-06-21T11:11:25Z",
        "last_seen": "2022-06-21T11:11:38Z",
        "management_url": null,
        "non_subscriptions": {},
        "original_app_user_id": "$RCAnonymousID:e7d81c263043488bb14c909718f83508",
        "original_application_version": "1.0",
        "original_purchase_date": "2013-08-01T07:00:00Z",
        "other_purchases": {},
        "subscriptions": {
            "onemonthusd899": {
                "billing_issues_detected_at": null,
                "expires_date": "2022-06-14T06:23:52Z",
                "grace_period_expires_date": null,
                "is_sandbox": true,
                "original_purchase_date": "2022-06-14T05:21:38Z",
                "ownership_type": "PURCHASED",
                "period_type": "normal",
                "purchase_date": "2022-06-14T06:18:52Z",
                "store": "app_store",
                "unsubscribe_detected_at": "2022-06-14T08:53:49Z"

The problem here is that the active entitlement (which I named “active”), which was just granted a few seconds before this API call, says that it was both granted and expired 7 days ago, so my code rightly detects it as expired and does not grant product access.

Is this normal for the sandbox / a corrupted sandbox user? I feel like I might be overlooking something, but it feels odd to me that a just-granted entitlement would expire a week before being granted.

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Looks like sandbox weirdness… I’d suggest starting with a new sandbox account and re-test. By the way, any reason of manually polling instead of relying on RevenueCat’s webhooks?

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I need to validate on the backend + grant some claims with firebase tokens immediately so the app can use a bunch of distributed services. :)