Why the MRR discrepancy between overview and charts?

  • 29 November 2021
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Hi folks,

We launched our first mobile app with subscriptions recently, and I’ve been keeping an eye the RevenueCat summary and reports to see how we’re doing. But I’m a little confused about how MRR is calculated, and which number to use for daily reporting.

First, I’ve noticed that the MRR number in “Overview” is lower than the current MRR in the MRR chart. In our case, MRR in Overview is currently 6.5% lower than the latest MRR shown in Charts. Is there a reason these numbers don’t agree?

Second, your older docs talk about MRR being calculated over a 28-day period, but the current docs no longer say this, and ARR is described as being MRR * 12. Our numbers in Charts confirm this: MRR = ARR * 12. So is MRR now calculated over a period of 365/12=30.42 days? Or is MRR fixed to a whole number of days (maybe 30?) and ARR is just a bit imprecise?

Thanks for clarifying!



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5 replies

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Hey @Develop and Fix!

  1. Any discrepancies between the Overview and Charts should just be due to time differences of when the number was last updated. There are separate jobs that update Overview vs Charts so they aren’t always in sync. The last day MRR calculation should be very close to Overview though unless you’re rapidly adding or losing a lot of revenue.
  2. The new MRR calculation uses 1/12th of a year - which is slightly different than 30.42 days. Now for example, a monthly subscription for $x will always contribute $x MRR regardless of the month length.
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Hi @ryan,

Thanks for clarifying how MRR is calculated!

The difference I’m seeing is more than a time lag — or if it is a time lag, then Overview is something like 2 weeks behind Charts, which doesn’t seem right. Maybe it’s just my account that is having this issue? Would it be possible to have someone take a look at my account to help debug?





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Hey @Develop and Fix yeah would you be able to share some screenshots of what you’re seeing to and someone can take a look? One thing to double check is that any filters applied to Charts are applied to Overview as well, and the “View sandbox data” is not toggled. 

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To follow up on this for the community - I did contact support and they informed me that there are two different algorithms being used for calculating MRR from Stripe. The Charts algorithm is newer and more accurate. The Overview algorithm is older and less accurate, and the plan is to update it to use the same algorithm as Charts soon.

Did the Overview algorithm ever get changed? Are you still seeing this problem? I’m seeing a discrepancy of about +7% between Overview and Charts for MRR.