Which users are included in experiments?

  • 8 July 2024
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Hi everyone, I would love to get your help around the audience in experiments!

When creating a new experiment, I have no way of setting a “new user” or “first seen” rule like in other experiment tools.

I’m running a pricing experiment and I’m confused - the number of users included don’t seem to match new users (too many users in the experiment), and I’m struggling to match them to daily active users.

Could you share who is included in the experiment (only new, only existing, both) and is a paywall view required in order to be included or not?

And also:
If it’s new users - how is new defined?
If it’s not new - is there a way to only focus on new users?

Would love to get your help on this!

1 reply

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Hi @eva-hoefer-cbd20e! Currently, experiments only support A/B tests for new customers, so we’ll only enroll a user in an experiment if they were first seen after the experiment began. “First seen” is the date this user was first seen in RevenueCat, which is usually the install date.

We are also working on a way to combine experiments with targeting, so keep an eye out for this!