Where/how to remove a promotional subscription?

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The documentation states what I copied below, but in fact there appears to be no control in the dashboard to remove a promotional entitlement:


Removing Promotional Subscriptions

Granted entitlements will automatically be removed after expiration. To remove access to an entitlement early, click the :fa-times-circle: icon next to the Granted Entitlement name.

(from this page)


The event data for the granting of this entitlement clearly indicates it was a promotional:

"price": 0,"price_in_purchased_currency": 0,"product_id": "rc_promo_Premium_lifetime","purchased_at_ms": 1712048102051,"store": "PROMOTIONAL","takehome_percentage": 1,"transaction_id": "07cfd55a01f61543a7e525bcf8bf9950"


Please tell me where/how to remove a promotional subscription from a customer.

Thank you.


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In the Entitlement section you see the state of that entitlement. To remove an specific one you’ve granted, go into the Customer page and scroll down to Promotionals and hover over the granted one. There you will be able to remove those that you already granted.


See the attached screenshot for an example:


I hope this helps!


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Wow, so simple, that’s what I needed to know, thank you.

You guys should really make that Remove link visible without hover, so that it is intuitive and easy to find and/or provide these simple instructions in your documentation. I’m a smart guy, but could not find this anywhere!