Tracking LTV for users who upgrade from monthly to annual

  • 6 March 2023
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My iOS app has a monthly and annual subscription offering, with the monthly price set to $8/month and the annual set to a much more affordable $30/year ($2.5/month). As such, I expect my “retention” for the monthly product to be low, with users deciding within a couple months whether they either want to “Upgrade to Annual” or “Cancel” their subscription.

I know from RevenueCat’s charts that my retention rate for the Monthly product is roughly 2 months; is it possible to understand what percent of these “churned monthly subscribers” are cancelling their subscriptions completely, and what percent are upgrading to annual?

Ultimately I am trying to assess what the true “LTV per paying customer” is for users who initially sign up for the monthly IAP but then upgrade to the annual.


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2 replies

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Hey @lukemt ,


We offer the churn chart which help measures the percentage of active subscriptions that were lost during a given period that have not yet resubscribed. 


As for a chart showing the amount of users upgrading to yearly from monthly, we dont have this but I will go ahead and suggest a chart to the team that would help track product changes. 

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Thanks so much for the response @Michael Fogel! I appreciate it and I appreciate you passing that feedback on to the team. I’ll work with what I have for now. Thanks!