Should In-App purchases be in an entitlement?

  • 25 October 2022
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Our app implements renewable subscriptions for Monthly and Annual. We are also implementing a “Day Pass” where users can purchase this and have access to locked content for 24 hours. The user can repurchase after it expires. We manage the expiration on our own servers.

I created the “Day Pass” products as in-app purchases and added them to their own entitlement in RevenueCat. After some thought, I think I shouldn’t have added them to an entitlement.

What’s the recommended setup?


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If you set up your Day Pass as a non-renewing subscription, then it is not unheard of to add it to an entitlement, but it’s important to note that the logic for expiration would need to be handled on your end - which it sounds like you are!

This is because Apple doesn’t provide an expiration date for non-renewing purchases, and so our system treats them more like consumable purchases, which unlock Entitlements for a “lifetime” (or relatively).