Second app: Could not validate subscriptions API permissions

  • 9 February 2024
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Hi there,

over the last days I have gone through the steps of setting up the credentials very carefully multiple times.

I have an app where I initially set up the subscriptions for. It worked in RevenueCat and on the Google Play Store.

Then I decided to leave that app accessible without subscription and offer a new app with identifier

Painfully, I had to go through the whole process again, but it can never validate the sub API.

  • The app is separate from the old app in Google Play (it is a new app)
  • It has the correct identifier
  • It is even approved and its subscriptions too
  • I waited >36h
  • I've set the correct google api key from RevenueCat in my app
  • The permissions for the Google Cloud account are set to account wide, not restricted to single app

Note that I'm using the same RevenueCat project as before but I also updated the identifier to be

Now what is very bizarre is when I change the identifier to in RevenueCat, all the sudden the permissions are valid and it shows up in my app, so the offer can be fetched. But when I tap in in the app, the Google pop up says that "The item you were attempting to purchase could not be found.". Which makes sense because it should only be valid for Note that there is still a subscription in google play console for the but the base sub is disabled.

Is there some weird caching going on in RevenueCat that may broke it? Do you recognize this issue?

Any hints on what I can try appreciated!

Thanks :)


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2 replies

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I've started a new project just for testing and using directly, and the permissions are immediately available. So I assume this is actually a bug in RevenueCat where something is cached. I cannot delete the App in my project because I have purchases already in the system, so now I have to make a new project for android+ios I guess.

Maybe this can be fixed by simply deleting some kind of cache in RC?

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Hey @dominik-hstein,

I’d like to look into this a little more, any chance you can open a support ticket with your app details and mention this post?