It would be great to be able to search customers by name instead of by email

  • 23 March 2022
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In the backoffice, it’s nice to be able to look for customers for UserID and email, but as the official documetnation says that the UserID shouldn’t be something easy to guess because security reasons, being able to look for customers by display name would be handy.

Right now, we have to look for the user name in our own database, find the email, and then look for the customer by email in your database. But you already have a displayName value for it. Make it searchable please.

3 replies

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Hi @Fewlaps 

Thank you for the feature request! I can pass this along to the team for discussion. For the userID, is this associated to a customer as an app user ID in RevenueCat? Or is this a connection between userID in database → RC app user ID / email 

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Hum… I don’t exactly get the question, hehe… but I only check the user in your dashboard. That user has a UserID with this shape: “QN:randomrandom...”, and has an email and a display name set from the RC SDK. So you have everything you need in your database. Right now I can search users by UserID and by email, but not by displayName, which would be the most straightforward way to search users.

Thanks for asking, by the way, and don’t hesitat to ask for clarifications if this answer is not as accurate as you need :·)

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A year later, looking for users by display name is still not possible 😣