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  • 12 April 2023
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Hello everyone,

After releasing my app with a subscription price of $5.99 and gaining a few subscribers, we decided to lower the price in a few countries on Apple and Google In-App Payments. Unfortunately, one of our subscribers was impacted by this change and reported that Apple charged them the updated price, but RevenueCat still showed the previous price of $5.99 in their last payment.

Fortunately, the customer was charged correctly, but we're now concerned about the accuracy of the information shown in RevenueCat. Is there something we need to change in RevenueCat when we update the price on Apple and Google? What are we missing?

Thank you in advance.


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Hey @Storology,

Unfortunately, the app stores don’t make individual transaction prices available so RevenueCat tracks the prices at the time of purchase, and assumes they’ll renew at the same price. For this reason, when you change the price of a product in one of the app stores, our metrics will not be accurate - we always recommend creating a new product rather than changing the price when possible. 

You can read more about this here in our docs: