Inconsistency in conversion data within RevenueCat

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello - 

I’m trying to track down an inconsistency and hopefully someone here can help. I’ve noticed in the past week that when I look at the Conversions data, it shows that all trial conversions are zero: there are trials started, but all are labeled as Pending, even though the trial period has ended. When I look at individual days and users, I can indeed see users that converted from trial to subscriptions, but the charts that are supposed to aggregate this data don’t seem to reflect the data that I see by looking at individual users. Any help is appreciated!


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Hey @MoMane 

So the new Trials Conversion chart is actually plotted on a "cohort" basis. Meaning the time periods that you see on the x-axis represent the date a customer was first seen (aka when they first opened the app with the RevenueCat SDK). You can read more about this chart here: 


Pasting this section from the docs for convenience: 

When a customer first launches your app, they are added to the "New Customers" number for a cohort. If they start a free trial, they contribute to the Trials column. Immediately after a trial is started, it is considered Pending as it has yet to convert, but is set to convert. Once the customer disables auto-renew, the trial is no longer Pending and is now considered Abandoned. If a user re-enables auto-renew, they will return to the Pending column. Once a trial has expired, it will be permanently counted in the Converted or Abandoned column depending on whether it converted to paid subscription or not.