How to delete product with transactions?

  • 15 December 2021
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When I try and delete a product it says “There are transactions in the system using this product.”

I’m not sure how to find and remove these transactions. I’m on the free Revenuecat tier at the moment. Do I need to upgrade?



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5 replies

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Hey @Joshua 

You don’t need to update your account to delete products. If you have customers that have active subscriptions for that product, we have protections to ensure those customers do not lose access. Can you let me know your use case for deleting the product?

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I haven’t released to production yet so the customers are fake sandbox testing accounts.

I want to delete the products because they were made during testing and not needed anymore. I can’t find any customers using the products I want to delete.

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Hey @Joshua 

I’m taking a look in our database and I notice that there are 3 products (your monthly, quarterly, and annual) that are purchased in sandbox. If these are the products you are attempting to delete from the RevenueCat dashboard, you can find sandbox customers through the default Sandbox Customer Lists and either delete them manually or create a script and use the REST API endpoint


I also tested this and was able to delete products off of my own sample RevenueCat app that do not have any transactions associated with it. 

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We are facing the same problem. After deleting our sandbox customers, the customer list does not seem to be updating. Unfortunately we’re missing the customer ids in our data, as they’re created and destroyed regularly in development. Do we just have to wait for the list to regenerate to see additional customers?

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I have a similar use case - trying to a product that was created during testing but is no longer needed.  I am only aware of one customer (a test customer who does not exist in the real world) who purchased this product.  I have tried multiple times to delete this customer, but it doesn’t seem to actually be possible to delete them, and therefore, not possible to delete the product. 😣