How to configure Tip Jar In App Purchase with Offers on iOS

  • 24 December 2021
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I am building a Tip jar in my App which I have configured as a Consumable In App Purchase (IAP) on App Store Connect.

At present I have added those consumable IAP as products in my Revenue Cat dashboard with associated product ID

After going through the docs as well as online tutorials most of them focus on Subscriptions which should be packaged as offers.

Even the API that I am using to fetch the products in my app points me in the direction to use offers instead.

So I am a bit confused, should I be using offers with each IAP being a separate offer ? or should I continue using my current setup of 3 products with no offers & entitlement  ?


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Offerings are simply a convenient way to group products for your paywall. They have no effect on the purchase of a product or the user’s entitlement status, so you can use Offers with consumable products without any issue or special consideration.

Entitlements are a convenient abstraction of “access” to your app. You can add products to a specific entitlement so that the purchase of any product in the entitlement unlocks the entitlement. This saves you some work in your app. For example, if you offer monthly, annual, and lifetime (non-consumable) products in your app and all of them unlock the same premium features, then you can put them all in one entitlement called “premium” and you can check if the “premium” entitlement is unlocked without having to check each product’s purchase status. This may or may not be what you want for a tip jar. If a tip should unlock anything in the app (like additional themes, extra functionality, or even just a permanent thank-you message) then you should use entitlements (although it’s not required - like I said, it’s a convenience that RevenueCat provides.) If the tip jar doesn’t unlock anything, then there’s little reason to use entitlements here.