How to calculate churn from the transaction data in S3?

  • 24 December 2021
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The documentation includes sample queries for revenue, active trials, and active subscriptions but there are no sample query for churn. How to determine churn as shown in charts? And how to determine the active subscriptions per day that shows a deduction when a user unsubscribes?


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Hey @lertsek!

A general calculation for the churn chart is (number of subscriptions expired during period – re-subscriptions) / (number of paid subscriptions at the start of the period) * 100 

Re-subscriptions is just the number of renewals during the period. Once thing to note if that a subscription is not counted as “churned” until the subscription actually expires. Which means when a customer turns off their auto renewal status (unsubscribes), they will only be counted as “churned” when the subscription expires. 

You won’t be able to reproduce the churn chart exactly, but it should get you in the correct ballpark.