How to add 2 annual products to Annual package in an offering?

  • 29 July 2022
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Maybe I didn’t fully understand the purpose of packages in offerings. I would like to have one offering, with 1 package, which contains 2 different products. Both should have annual renewal, but are linked to different entitlements, since one gives full access, and one only reduced (read-only). How to do this? When I try to add a second product, the first one is replaced.

Do I have to create 2 offerings? I cannot have another package with “Annual” identifier...


Best answer by Jens 29 July 2022, 12:45

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2 replies

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Hi @mr.john, you can just add a second package with a custom identifier. The idea of a package is that it has the “same” product across platforms (e.g., Gold Annual iOS and Gold Annual Android). You would only ever show one product from the same package on your paywall (that’s why it replaces the first product if you add a second product from the same App).

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@Jens thanks for the quick reply! I was thinking about creating another package, but it confused me that I cannot have another one with Annual identifier (to be precise: it confused me that “annual” is an identifier and not just a normal property of the package)

Ok so I’ll create another custom package :-) thanks again!