Cohort Report - Above 100% Retention

  • 10 September 2021
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In my “Cohort” report, when looking at the retention of our yearly subscribers, it shows retention rates above 100% (see attached screenshot). This seems like a good thing...I just need to know what it means.

Is this extra people who are resubscribing who have subscribed previously (not a renewal)? Or does anyone know how to interpret that? Maybe I’m completely misinterpreting? Thank you in advance for the help!


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Cohorts can “grow” because we’re cohorting by subscribers but counting the number of subscriptions that expire. So if a subscriber downgrades or crossgrades between two levels of a subscription group, then Apple reports both subscriptions as active, resulting in an increase in subscriptions for the original cohort. Another possibility is if you offer multiple subscription products that users can subscribe to simultaneously. A user can enter a cohort with just one subscription, and then purchase a second subscription later on, resulting in an increase in subscriptions in the original cohort.