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  • 8 March 2023
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Hey RC team,

I work in a company that has more than 100 engineers. We usually have two isolated 3rd party environments for security purposes: one for our production and another for our non-production environments. Do you see any negative trade-offs in this approach?

PS: This thread is almost about that, but using different projects instead of different accounts.

2 replies

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Hey @Renzi! 👋

No downside in having separate accounts or projects for your dev vs. production environments, apart from having to duplicate the setup which may introduce the possibility of typos, etc. that could break your configuration when pushing to production.

I think the biggest concern would be ensuring you don’t accidentally ship a version of your app with the dev API keys, otherwise you’ll start to mix real users with your dev environment.

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Thanks, @cody. Is there any approach RevenueCat suggests? We discovered that having one Stripe environment only for non-production environments can break the webhooks integration. I mean, the webhook integration seems to work only if this "non-production" Stripe account is activated (no development mode). And we don't have to activate that for a non-production env.