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  • 12 October 2021
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I don't quite understand how to read the data in the new chart Subscription Retention. I can’t even compare Subscription Retention with Auto Renew Status (original charts) since the new chart comes with a ‘Product duration’ filter that can’t be removed. I tried several combinations of filters but the results I got were totally different from the old chart.


Why can’t I use the new chart without that filter? Also what should I pick for a product that is a yearly subscription and has an introductory price for 6 months? I tried both filters for the Product duration and both results are different from the Auto Renew Status with a simple filter by the product.




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Hey @Uri 

You can add additional ‘Product Duration’ filters in the chart to select all durations that you have. Note that the product duration is for the normal subscription period and not trial nor intro periods. The old and new charts will always the different from each other due to different caching mechanisms and calculations for each version, therefore will never line up perfectly. Example, the old chart refreshes once a day while the new charts is every ~30 minutes. 

In the Subscription Retention chart, the last striped column represents users that will auto-renew.