Android: Revenue reported not accurate

  • 22 September 2023
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I was looking at the transaction overview dashboard in RevenueCat today and it listed a subscription purchase transaction at $69.99 USD, although, in Google Play Console that product sku is marked as being $24.99 USD (customer ID c89e4788/1a4ba4e5-37b3-4f44-bc27-3eed343e5c2f, transaction ID: GPA.3350-3906-4874-72666, product ID: bloomer2_25_mo:p1m). Could there be something wrong with my RevenueCat setup that is affecting the amount being reported?

I’m not sure where in the Google Play Console I can view individual subscription transactions, so I haven’t been able to verify it there. But, if the subscription tier is set to $24.99, is there any reason the user would be charged a different amount?

2 replies

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For that transaction, it also says that it renews in 3 months, when the plan is actually month-to-month.

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Hi Jeremy,

Happy to help here. I agree, the Google transaction info would be helpful here, which you can find in the Order Management panel: