Access exported Data through API or REST

  • 3 November 2021
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We want to integrate some of the dashboard/customer List data of revenue cat into our overall business KPI dashboard (using Klipfolio for this). So far the only way we found to export the data is through manually downloading the csv files through the “export buttons” on the Dashboard/Customer Lists. 


Now I am wondering. Is there a way to access the same data via an API or have them automatically exported/send to a certain email address?

This would help us a lot in integrating the data from RevenueCat as single source of truth into our business. 


Thanks for any help or suggestions on how to make this work


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2 replies

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Hey @TobiasMIkl 

One option here would be to utilize ETL exports where RevenueCat will deliver a data dump of app transaction information every 24 hours. From searching around, Klipfolio doesn’t integrate directly with an AWS S3 bucket, but I did find a Zapier integration that can help with this: I assume there are more resources out there as well.  

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I’m going to add that I think the customer list should be accessible via API as well. I think exports are a bit of a hacky solution.