Using Entitlements for Feature Flags

  • 14 January 2022
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Hey RevenueCat Community! 👋

I wanted to share a blog post I wrote recently about how you can use Entitlements for more than just in-app purchases. Since Entitlements can be granted manually as promotionals via the dashboard and REST API, you can actually use Entitlements as generic feature flags - all without being connected to any in-app purchase products at all.

A good use case might be setting up beta features (maybe for only long-term paying customers, for example) and granting access to those beta features with an ‘empty’ entitlement. You could build this out as custom as you’d like - you could manually opt users into your beta from the RevenueCat dashboard, or even build an automated system from your own backend to let users opt-in to the beta themselves, all by tying into our promotionals API.

I detail the process in the blog post, but would welcome any questions or comments!

You can read the blog post here.


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