Tracking/Viewing Monthly Earnings from New vs. Existing Customers on RevenueCat

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could share their methods or strategies for monitoring revenue on RevenueCat. Specifically, I'm interested in how to break down monthly earnings between new customers and existing ones.

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Best answer by Michael Fogel 27 June 2023, 19:17

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Hey @0xDEV ,


You can use the tools we have on both the dashboard overview and charts to monitor your revenue. 

We have plenty of different charts that will help you monitor different things specifically about your app in RevenueCat and the revenue that the app generates. 


A useful chart I would recommend for you would be the revenue chart. More information about this chart can be found here

The Revenue chart measures new and renewal revenue distinctly by default.

  • Revenue is considered “new” when it represents the first paid transaction for a given customer, such as: new paid subscriptions, trial to paid conversions, and initial non-subscription purchases.
  • All other revenue is considered “renewal” revenue, which in addition to paid subscription renewals may include accepted promotional offers, additional non-renewing subscription purchases, etc.


I hope that helps with some starting points! 

Hi! I tried to find the same, but it appears that there is no any Renewal Revenue from non-subscription purchases in those Revenue charts. It seems that all of them are accounted as New Revenue, even if it's not the first purchase for a particular client.