RevenueCat for Offline Only Apps

  • 13 May 2023
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Hey Revenue Cat users - I’m new to RevenueCat, but I’m creating an app that is all local storage, and currently doesn’t have any authentication. I want users to be able to try the app, but then pay a one-time flat fee to keep using it.

Has anyone else built apps with this kind of use case for payment? It’s a flutter app, so it should be cross-platform. I want to have as minimal as possible of work for users.

Are there any great docs on the revenue cat website (or elsewhere) detailing this kind of use case?

1 reply

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Hi, I do have some information about RevenueCat’s end if you want your app to be offline. The app user id and CustomerInfo are cached, and for the CustomerInfo will be returned while offline forever if the user never goes online, unless something happens that invalidates the cache. The offerings do not persist between app launches, so you will need to cache this data and display them yourself when the app is offline.