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  • 15 February 2022
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Hi all,


Some feedback/thoughts on offer codes. To set the scene, we’ve recently set up a b2b partnership and are using 12 month offer codes to provide their customers with access to our app.


  1. Offer code’s aren’t included in integration data, i.e. GCP exports and Facebook. Nor is there a way to filter for offer codes in customer lists. In order to track code consumption, we’ve had to set up web hooks, cloud functions and a custom dashboard. Not a massive issue, but the reason we’re paying for RC is to make these things easier. 
  2. Offer codes are marked as trials. For us, this makes no sense - we’re expecting (/hoping) to have thousands of these codes used. It’s going to boost our active trials rate by 12 months each, thus rendering the dashboard ‘active trials’ rate useless. Again, there’s no way to filter so we can’t get true active trials in the customer list’s either. 
  3. Lastly, I'd like a way to see on the customer profile if they’ve used an offer code. 


Thanks for reading, hopefully the feedback is helpful.

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