Accessing transactionIdentifier

  • 26 July 2021
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If your app is using the native iOS SDK with Swift, you can access the transactionIdentifier field through the transaction object when purchasing the product. You can see more details about this in our 'Making Purchases' docs and RCTransaction object in the iOS SDK. This field is not accessible through RevenueCat's other SDKs, however, can be accessed through webhooks and ETL exports. Typically the information included with PurchaserInfo and EntitlementInfo objects is enough data for most implementations of our SDK.

If you're looking for the transactionIdentifier to track consumption of consumable products, consider using RevenueCat's GET /subscribers endpoint instead. You can utilize RevenueCat's unique identifier, id, in the non-subscription object to track consumption of all your consumable products.

If there are any additional use cases for utilizing the transactionIdentifier, we'd be happy to share the feedback with our team and/or find another way to help you solve what you're trying to do.

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