Webhook event when attaching a new entitlement to existing products?

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When creating a new entitlement and attaching it to existing products, active subscribers get the new entitlement as expected, but unfortunately this does not trigger any event for the configured webhook.


Are there any plans to change this behaviour? For instance, having a new type of webhook event when the list of entitlements linked to a product changes, or when a user gets new entitlements outside of regular purchase/renewal events.


To give a bit more context:

We have multiple entitlements: each one unlocking its own feature/content in our app. We are currently adding a new feature which we want to only be available to paying users, so we need a new entitlement linked to some of our existing products. We also rely on a webhook to sync our internal database and keep track of what our users can access.

To solve this we are thinking of querying the `/subscribers` endpoint for each of our active subscriber (after attaching the new entitlement) so we can get an updated list of entitlements for each user. But as we add more features, and as our user base grows, this might not be very scalable in the long run.

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Hey @Clement

At this time, adding a webhook for when an entitlement is gained through dashboard configuration changes is not on our roadmap, but I can definitely pass it along as a feature request! Thank you for the suggestion!

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Thank you for your reply @kaitlin!

I’d be happy to provide more details about our use case if needed, if you decide to implement this at some point.