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  • 26 October 2022
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Hi folks,

I’m interested in setting up a subscribers-only Circle or Discord community. Only users that have an active subscription (according to RevenueCat) will get access, and that access gets revoked if their subscription expires.

Is anyone doing this? How? I don’t see any obvious integrations on RevenueCat’s side. Is this in RC’s roadmap? (By the way, RC’s “public” roadmap seems to be private, Trello says I need to request access??). Are tools like Circle or Discord set up to handle this if they’re sent RC’s web hooks or something?




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Hi Toby,


The public roadmap in Trello was killed a while ago! We are currently working on a better, more developer friendly, API. But for now, you could accomplish that by either listening to our webhooks, or using the SDK API to check for entitlements. I don’t think there is a way to do it out of the box though, you will most likely require some custom logic to lock/unlock access.


A possible solution would be an AWS lambda listening to RevenueCat’s webhooks and granting/revoking access using Circle/Discords APIs.

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Sweet, thanks @Miguel Carranza! Sounds like there’s no out of box solution, so I’ll probably give everyone access for now. 

By the way!! You and Jacob responding to wee little customer’s questions like mine has inspired me to lay off our one customer support rep (she only works like 4 hours a month anyways) and distribute the correspondence amongst the 3-person core team. It feels cool from the customer’s perspective, helps the core team maintain empathy with the customer, and reduces the need for keeping a cust supp rep in the loop about all the things that are going on internally. Brilliant!/I’ll let you know how it goes : ) 

Curious why you killed the public roadmap? I’d imagine there are better ways to learn from your customers? In my experience, “Kano” surveys are the best way to get your customer’s help prioritizing your backlog: