Trying to figure out the meta ads integration with SKAN and FBSDK

  • 4 May 2024
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I’m hoping to get some clarification on how the Meta Ads Integration works. Our app consists of only subscriptions and we currently have the integration set up where we can see the events Trial Start and Subscription in the Meta Datasource. We have configured the events for SKADNetwork in the settings in the meta platform and I can see that the idfas and idfvs are properly being collected in the customer list on revcats platform. Our code (swift ios15+ app) in the application(didfinishlaunching:) has the ApplicationDelegate.shared.application(...) function then Purchases.configure(...) , collectDeviceIdentifiers(),setFBAnonymousId(...). I can see that we are successfully getting both subscription and trial start events, but why will our campaign not show any conversions in ads manager? What am I missing?

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1 reply

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Also trying to understand how SKAN interacts with Meta and RevenueCat. When RevenueCat confirms the trial start and sends the conversion to Meta through the integration, will this be where the campaign conversion events comes from? Do i also need to add the FBSDK event for trial starts?