[Suggestion] Slack message - include country & offering id?

  • 9 November 2021
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Hi there,

Just like many others, our team’s communication mainly rely on Slack and we love the RC messages so far. For now, only “Product” and “Revenue” will be displayed which is quite limited.

I’d suggest:

  1. Display the offering id too if it’s not default. ( I think many people would love to monitor the special offering )
  2. Display the country ( It’s currently displayed on a very high level on RC’s Customer Profile, I believe you guys agree it’s one of the key info to show )

It’s been a while since this message feature has updated. Customization seems a perfect solution but before that, how about a little enhancement? It will greatly reduce the number of times we click on the user’s ID to find out the info.

1 reply

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I have submitted through Feature Request. So this one could be closed.

However I couldn’t find a close / delete button for this thread 😅