Subscription not showing up in AppsFlyer

  • 9 June 2022
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I recently conducted a test where I installed via an AppsFlyer Onelink and bought a subscription. In AF, the install is attributed correctly, but the subscription event never showed up (nor the associated revenue).

The subscription event and revenue is sent via the RevenueCat integration with AF. Here’s a screenshot of the payload coming from RevenueCat: 



Why didn't the revenue show up in AppsFlyer? 

A few final notes: 
  1. The subscription was a test subscription (conducted via Apple's Sandbox). 
  2. Notice the event name in RevenueCat is "renewal" (not "subscribe"). That's simply because I've used my Apple ID to purchase test subscriptions before. 
  3. The way we have the AppsFlyer SDK set up, we give it our own userIds to use. We give the same userId to RevenueCat (and all our tools). You'll see this userId in the RevenueCat payload as "customer_user_id". 
  4. Notice that the RevenueCat payload doesn't contain the IDFA. Perhaps this is the reason the subscription event isn't attributed correctly? This shouldn't be the case because of #3 (both AF and RC are using the same userId). But maybe I'm missing something? 

2 replies

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Are you able to locate that user in Appsflyer, and do you see any other events from them? I think some Appsflyer views are cohorted by install date, not event date, so if this is an older test user that’s been around a while the event may be showing back at their original install date.

I’m not super familiar with Appsflyer, but just some thoughts. The 200 response code indicates they acknowledged receiving the event okay. 

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Hi Ryan, I am able to locate the user in AF and a bunch of other events show up. The events are coming through Segment, not the RC-AF integration. My Apple ID is old, but the userId is brand new, so that shouldn’t be a problem right? Thanks!