Subscription events not sent to Segment

  • 4 August 2021
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I am working on an app that already have RevenueCat integrated and working fine. I would like to send the Subscription events to Segment and from there export to another service. 

RevenueCat and Segment integration seams straightforward and I has "Enable sandbox events" checked.

I am particular interested in the "Subscription Trial Converted" event. I can track them on RevenueCat/Segment/Recent Events view but not on Segment Debugger view.

Is there something that I am missing? I appreciate any help.

Tech spec:

iOS 14+

Purchases 3.12.2

Segment 4.1.5


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3 replies

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Hey @katiaM! 👋

I took a look at your events on our end, and we’re not receiving any errors from Segment- it looks like the events are being consumed by them as expected.

Since there aren’t any errors, it’s tough to tell what might be happening on their end. Would you mind reaching out directly to Segment support and requesting more info on why those events are missing if they are returning a 200 status code?

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Hey Cody, thanks for your reply.

The issue was that RevenueCat was sending events to a diff Segment source that I was not aware of. 

Thank you

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Hi @katiaM!

I’m trying to set up RevenueCat with Segment right now but I don’t know what source to choose on the Segment side.  Appreciate any help.