Stripe Integration per App rather than Account wide

  • 7 October 2021
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Hey guys,


I get a problem with stripe integration. We have multiples mobile apps and so we have one account with many apps on revenueCat. We did first setup the stripe integration ( for one of our app. Now we want to setup this stripe integration for other apps the stripe integration is account wide rather than app per app and we have 1 stripe account per app.

To resume, I have multiple stripe account and 1 revenueCat account. Is it possible to setup multiple stripe integration account on revenueCat (one per app)?

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RevenueCat currently supports one Stripe account to be connected per RevenueCat account, so you can’t connect multiple Stripe accounts to apps in a single RevenueCat account.

However, one workaround for this is to create multiple RevenueCat accounts, one for each app and Stripe account that you have. Our new pricing has no base fees so you won’t pay more for having multiple accounts.