Revenuecats Facebook Subscibe Events arent usable in IOS 14+ campaigns if ATT prompt is not accepted

  • 14 March 2022
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I want to optimize a facebook campaign for the "Subscibe" event (user purchased abo).
The Revenuecat Facebook integration made that event available in the Facebook Conversion Api, but it doesn't seem to work for IOS users who did not accept the ATT prompt.

Here @tina claimed that the events are still being sent to Facebook but without the IDFA, if so are the events still maybe unusable for the Campaign because Facebook doesnt know how to map the Subscribe Event to the according Campaign perhaps?


2 replies

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Hey @Franz Trompetter 

To confirm the events are still being sent by RevenueCat, I recommend checking out the ‘Integrations’ section under Event Details. When the ATT prompt is not accepted, the IDFA will be zero’d out, something like 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. The effect would be if a user has limit ad tracking enabled (no IDFA), then the integration will not properly dispatch an event into Facebook. 

  • If the ATT consent status is authorized or if the ATT consent status is not set, we will send the event.
  • If the ATT consent status is anything else (for example denied), there will be no events. 

I'm not sure how much impact this actually has on Facebook Ads performance since it means the user has disabled ad tracking anyway (approx 20-30% of users). The responsibility of attributing events back to campaigns will continue to be handled by Facebook directly. 


Note: Since this initial comment, we have changed the behavior of how our Facebook integration works and I have edited this comment to reflect the behavior. 

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2 years later and I think RevenueCat should consider taking another look at this decision:

if a user has limit ad tracking enabled (no IDFA), then the integration will not properly dispatch an event into Facebook


Facebook has now released AEM and I believe the Conversions API can be used effectively by sending the Facebook Anonymous ID. This integration would be much more useful if we could still send these events with this ID, even if we do not have an IDFA. Is this a feature RevenueCat would consider implementing?