RevenueCat to Adjust when using Segment wrapper

  • 6 April 2022
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We implemented Adjust using the Segment Wrapper (not the Adjust SDK), and when we connect RevenueCat to Adjust no events fire. This is because we are not setting the $AdjustID in the app. Is there a way to set this without using the Adjust SDK? Can we send it from segment to Revenuecat?


Any help is sincerely appreciated.


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We have a REST API you can use to set the Adjust ID subscriber attribute if you're trying to do this server-side, note that you'd need to make sure this is set before any purchases occur:
As far as capturing the Adjust ID, I'm not sure of any other way besides the Adjust SDK. I know that it's generated when the Adjust SDK is configured and they create a new user in their system.