RevenueCat Events doesn't showed in Facebook Ads Manager

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi to everyone,

I configured RevenueCat Integration with Facebook Ads following the official documentation. My goal is to track Trials and Purchases of an Auto-Renewable Subscription inside Facebook Ads Manager so I can check for every ad how much it converts.

The problem is that events, according RevenueCat Dashboard, been sent successfully but inside Facebook Dashboard I can’t see any events.


6 replies

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If you go into the event in RevenueCat and inspect the payload that’s being sent to Facebook do you see idfa being passed or anon_id?


If it’s idfa, and it’s a string of all 0’s, then I don’t think Facebook will display it in Ads Manager. In that case you should make sure you’re also passing the $fbAnonId subscriber attribute to RevenueCat so we can fallback to the anon_id. More info:



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I have the same issue. About 30% of my events have IDFA and I see some of them appear in Events Manager. So basically there are two issues:

  1. Not all events appear in Facebook Events Manager.
  2. Events do not appear in Facebook Ads Manager at all, though they do have IDFA. Shows zero events.


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Hey @Fannur this article is usually a good place to start when debugging integrations if you haven’t checked it out yet: 


First thing to check is if the events are being sent from RevenueCat. If not, you may not be setting the IDFA or FB Anon ID for everyone. 

If you see events being dispatched from RevenueCat, and Facebook responds with a 200 success message - they will be able to give you a better answer as to exactly why that event didn’t display in Events Manager or Ads Manager. It could be some privacy setting set by the customer?

I haven’t used Ads Manager myself in a while, but I think they’re only showing events that they could attribute back to an Ad. So maybe the events aren’t displaying there if Facebook doesn’t have any attribution for them? Just some thoughts.

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Hey @ryan hello there!

Im having a super similar problem. I don’t see the anon_id neither the idfa on the request payload to Facebook Ads. but I can see that the costumer has both of them as Customer Attributes. but this are not being sent on the payload.


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Hey @MateoParodi the advertiser_id parameter in that payload you shared is the idfa. Facebook uses this parameter name now.

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Ooh ok, thank you, and do you know what could be the reason why Facebook can’t attribute it?