Facebook Ads and AppsFlyer integration problem with purchases

  • 17 October 2021
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Hello there,

I’m having a problem with Facebook Ads and AppsFlyer Integration on Android with NON_RENEWING_PURCHASE type of events. When I open Event details for this type, in Integrations i can only see Webhooks.

Both integrations works well for INITIAL_PURCHASE and RENEWAL type.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem here?



Best answer by sundeep 20 October 2021, 01:58

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3 replies

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Also, we just noticed in RevenueCat console that price and currency for this type of events are null.

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One more thing, in PlayStore (Budget & History) everything is OK with purchases that have no price and currency in RevenueCat (Customer Profile, Event Details).

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Hi @milos lalatovic,

Looks like you sent in a ticket for this question, so I’m answering you there. But for anyone else experiencing trouble with integrations sending out events, the first thing you want to check is that you’re collecting device identifiers correctly after Purchases initialization and before the first purchase occurs, as outlined in the docs for that integration (see here for Facebook Ads and AppsFlyer). Also check that events are mapped correctly in your configuration settings.