Do refunds get sent to AppsFlyer?

  • 7 February 2022
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We’re setting up the RevenueCat > AppsFlyer integration. This allows RevenueCat to send subscription-related events to AppsFlyer, so we can tell which advertising campaigns are performing the best. Most importantly, RC will send proceeds data to AF, so we can tell how much money is coming from each campaign. 


Here’s my question: What happens if a user gets refunded on each of our platforms (Apple, Google, Stripe). Does RC pick up on the refund? Does RC send the refund to AF, so AF’s proceeds reporting is accurate? 






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This question was resolved through our ticketing system, but posting the answer here as well to share:

RevenueCat will send a new event when refunds happen and it will look like a cancellation event. However, we report negative revenue in the af_revenue parameter so revenue tracking will be accurate in AppsFlyer. 

An example event would look like:

{ "appsflyer_id": "yourAppsFlyerID", "customer_user_id": "yourAppUserID", "eventName": "rc_cancellation_event", "eventValue": "{\"af_revenue\": \"-56.10\", \"renewal\": \"false\", \"af_content_id\": \"product_id\", \"af_currency\": \"USD\"}", "af_events_api": "true", "eventCurrency": "USD", "eventTime": "2021-01-01 01:19:01.000", "bundleIdentifier": "yourAppBundleID"}

I would recommend checking out this doc to learn more about refunds on each platform: 

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Thank you Sundeep! Very helpful answer. And so great that you’ve built the integration in this way. It will let me do manual affiliate programs.