AppsFlyer Integration Media Source param missing

  • 26 July 2021
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I’ve configured RevenueCat & AppsFlyer as it should be, but still can’t see any Media Source params in events that RC sends to AF. I do see the value set by the app in the ‘Customer Profile’ page on RC, but but in event JSON which is sent from RC to AF they are still missing and AF thinks that it was organic purchase.
Any idea whats wrong or what I’m missing?





Best answer by ryan 26 July 2021, 17:02

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Hey Uri!

The media source value isn’t sent by RevenueCat to Appsflyer. Media source is part of the attribution data that Appsflyer is trying to determine from the install. RevenueCat passes the Appsflyer ID along with the integration, and Appsflyer uses this to link the event back to an Appsflyer user. The attribution estimation is a completely separate process on the Appsflyer side.


I would check that the Appsflyer ID is being properly set, since this is what Appsflyer will use to try and identify a customer.