Apple Search Ads + Revenuecat Integration

  • 27 October 2022
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Hello, we are working on apple search ads attribution and revenuecat integration. I can't create new api key in apple search ads. When I am on the "Search Ads" > "API" page, there is NO 'Create Certificate' button or something else ( I'm the admin and used safari). Is there any other method?.

And i got email from Apple:
Please note that new API certificate creation is no longer supported. Apple Search Ads now uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate API requests.

To access the Campaign Management API within your own organization, you’ll need to create or designate an API user:

- Have an account admin sign in to your Apple Search Ads account.
- Go to the User Management tab within Account Settings.
- Edit or invite a new user and assign them one of the following roles: API Account Manager, API Read Only, or Limited Access API Read & Write or API Read Only.
- After your API user is set up, have them sign in to your Apple Search Ads account and go to the API tab within Account Settings.
- On the API page, they can create a client by following the steps outlined in the API documentation For additional details on making calls against the API, refer to the documentation.

Note that if a user’s role changes from an API user to a non-API user, their API access will be revoked. In addition, API access for users associated with the deleted user will also be revoked.

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4 replies

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We’re working through this in an internal ticket, will update this post with solution when it is solved.

You want to make separate user with API key, as noted here on docs with a guide:


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Okey thank you for informing us @Haley Pace . As far as I understand, we cannot integrate apple search ads and revenuecat at this moment. Is there an estimated time for update or can we invite revenuecat user like other platforms?

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No, you can integrate Apple Search Ads and RevenueCat. As stated by Apple in your email, you need to create an API user in your Apple Search Ads account. After, we recommended you grant them API Read Only access, and then set up the following public key for that user under Account Settings > API.

We have our step-by-step guide on how to do this with screenshots here:

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OH okey thanks. I supposed that i need to invite revenuecat account. However i create seperate apple id user which is dummy mail. Then signed with dummy mail and created api secrets. I think it will be more clear in document. Thanks in advance