Why only "New Customer Acquisition” in Google Play Console is supported from RC (backwards compatible) when creating an offer?

  • 12 January 2023
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Helllo,  I’ve created a new offer for the existing subscription product, and marked that as “Upgrade”, so that users that already had subscriptions can use this if needed. (See picture)


And this seems like it is not being able to be marked as “Backwards compatible” which means RC is not supporting it. Same case for “Developer Determinted” eligibility criteria. Only “New Customer Acquisition” actually works for RC…. can you please help here?

1 reply

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Hello! Yes unfortunately the offer has to be backwards compatible in order to work with RevenueCat. We’re actively working on supporting Google’s new billing updates (we’re running a beta!) Until we support the new updates, you won’t be able to use any plans that aren’t backwards compatible.