What format is PurchaserInfo?

  • 20 July 2021
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Using RevenueCat for Unity, I am receiving json return values from RC in response to GetOfferings, RestorePurchases, etc. They usually come in the form of a PurchaserInfo object. I can’t find any documentation anywhere on the exact details of what is in this object.

Specifically the date values look like this:


EDIT: Ohhh, these Ints are just the values shown by the XCode debugger, in C# the object contains dates in DateTime type. I was looking at the raw json data and wondering what those date numbers stood for. Still trying to find in-depth docs for the C# Type PurchaserInfo, what all is in it and how it behaves.

What are these integers and how does one make them into a date? Does any documentation exist detailing the return values from RC calls?



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There’s some information on the PurchaserInfo object here: Does that help? The C# examples are lacking unfortunately, so let us know if there’s anything we can clarify!


Details on the API JSON can be found in the API docs here along with a sample response:


Regarding the dates, those numbers are unix timestamps, and sometimes the Xcode debugger can even show things in a different format than the raw request.