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  • 15 May 2024
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How should I handle existing purchases when adding RC to existing app ?


my app currently has non-consumable products. The product IDs which offered the non consumable purchases will no longer be offered in the new version. As I am moving over to subscriptions with RC. However I want to be able to honour the purchases made by legacy users of my app. 
 My questions are how to handle legacy product ids with RC so that receipts can be validated even though the products won’t be offered for sale?

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Hey @t1esto !


You can do this multiple ways, you can keep the product on RevenueCat with the entitlement unlocked so that way these users never lose the entitlement that they unlocked, or you could event grant users who have made this purchase in the past a promotional entitlement. Granting them a promotional entitlement will just grant them an entitlement so you can manually make sure these app user ID’s never lose access. 


Let me know if that helps!